Easy Fanning

Our Easy Fanning eyelashes are simply row's of ready to bloom fan's just waiting for that tweezer touch! 

These fan incredibly easy and are ideal for a variety of eyelash technicians from beginner's exercising their technique to professional's who may wish to speed up treatment time. 

The tray's are more fuller, there is less lash wastage so more cost effective (Even though Emia are as much as £5 per tray cheaper than some leading brand's!)

After doing some research I quickly noticed that the range of  volume thickness's and curls was quite limited in Easy Fanning eyelashes. Emia is proud to present; 

Thickness  : 0.03, 0.04 0.05, 0.07
Curl:            CC, D and super curly DD  
Fibre:           Synthetic 
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