Emia Alpha Black Glue



Named Alpha because it is the leader of the pack! Incredible retention result’s with zero brush off’s.

Huge temperature and humidity range’s;

Temperature: 15-25

Humidity: 15-75

Hygrometer’s and thermometer’s are very useful to detect your setting.

When adhesive is not in use this should be kept upright and away from sunlight. Remember to ALWAY’S shake the glue for 30-60 second’s pre every use (we recommend changing the glue dot frequently during treatment’s).



Buy this product and earn 16 Points
Buy this product and earn 16 Points
More information;

Regular black, hypoallergenic pink and clear, you are spoilt for choice! 3 drying time’s of 0.5 second, 1 second and 2 second.

Our regular black glue has carbon black present whereas our pink and clear do not. This places the pink and clear in our sensitive sally (hypoallergenic) range’s!

Once opened it is always best to use adhesive up as soon as possible for the best retention.