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Why is it so IMPORTANT to shake adhesive before every use? This includes each time you replace your adhesive during treatment times.

The ingredients inside the bottle will not be mixed properly. If the ingredients are not mixed properly, the adhesive will simply not work as it is intended to!  This will result in poor retention. An example of this is when using a black adhesive the colour will appear to have changed and may resemble a grey or even clear colour when used, alongside the viscosity changed.

Why? With three main ingredients – Carbon black, Cyanoacrylate and stabilisers these can seperate when unshaken and not mixed. Cyanoacrylate (the clear ingredient) is the chemical that is responsible for bonding the extension to the natural lashes. It would be the Cyanoacrylate that has risen to the surface of the adhesive.

Lastly – drying times. Again, Cyanoacrylate  is the ingredient that impacts the dry time of the adhesive. Unshaken adhesive could turn a 0.5 second dry time to a 2-3 second dry time. This can turn treatment times into a much longer process as well as “stickies”.

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