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The new curl that is taking the eyelash field by Storm!

Let’s talk about the L Curl. Why the name? They are straight at the base and then flick out an an angle similiar to the L letter. Our LC is straight at the base with a C curl tip  and the LD is a straight base, with a D tip at the end.

What are some of the benefit’s to the L Curl?

  • Client’s that have natural eyelashes that are super straight or grown downward’s. The L curl will give a more solid bond with it’s similiar base.
  • Different ethnicities that have different eye shape’s . The type of curl used will make a tremendous difference to suit the eye shape. For example some oriental origin’s would benefit from using the LC. The straight base with a slight curl at the tip would create an enhanced open eye.
  • Age factor’s – Client’s with drooping eyelid’s. The L shape will flick out differently than standard C, CC, D etc curl’s making the eye’s appear more open!

The L curl will really offer a wider range of clientele the chance to dramatically change their appearance using this.

Buy this product and earn 10 Points
Buy this product and earn 10 Points
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